• Wednesday 21 August 11:24 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Sergei Polunin, Wrapped in Fabric, New York City, 2017.” Albert spent the day photographing Sergei, one of the world’s preeminent ballet dancers, as part of a promotional shoot for Profoto.

    2880 66
  • Tuesday 20 August 09:46 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Kate Moss in Torn Veil, Marrakech, Morocco, 1993,” taken on Kate’s 19th birthday as part of a shoot for Vogue Germany, but never published in the magazine. Featured in Albert’s book “UFO: Unified Fashion Objectives” (Abrams/Blackwell, 2011) and available as limited-edition fine art prints from our partner galleries listed on our website.

    2718 32
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  • Monday 19 August 08:32 PM

    Albert Watson original Polaroid “Junko Matsuda Handbag, Miami, 1996,” featured in Albert’s book “Kaos” (Taschen, 2017).

    733 8
  • Saturday 17 August 05:01 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Henry Rollins, Woodstock II Music Festival, Saugerties, N.Y., 1994.” Albert took this photo exactly 25 years ago, and 25 years after the original Woodstock Festival in 1969. Albert set up a makeshift studio behind the main stage at Woodstock II, shooting dozens of musicians/singers over three days, from Green Day to Metallica to Aerosmith and many others. Henry Rollins, originally of Black Flag fame, ripped off his shirt to reveal this massive tattoo.

    1030 8
  • Thursday 15 August 08:12 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “CCCP Airplane Glasses, Moscow, 1988,” from a shoot for Stern magazine.

    845 10
  • Wednesday 14 August 02:06 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Michaela Bercu, New Mexico, 1988,” from a shoot for Blumarine.

    2981 34
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  • Tuesday 13 August 08:52 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Alfred Hitchcock, Los Angeles, 1973.” It’s Hitchcock’s birthday today, born Aug. 13, 1899. This photo is an outtake from Albert’s shoot with the director. (Swipe left to see the more well-known photo from the series.) Hitchcock was the first big celebrity Albert ever photographed, and Albert was newly out of film school at the Royal College of Art in London. So, the chance to photograph one of the greatest directors of all time was a huge opportunity and honor. And after the shoot, they sat down and had tea together. One of the portraits ran in the Christmas/holiday issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine with the headline: “Alfred Hitchcock Cooks His Goose.”

    2046 38
  • Monday 12 August 05:16 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Charlotte Flossaut in Prada, Milan, Italy, 1988.”

    2537 40
  • Saturday 10 August 06:14 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Charlene Short, London, 1988,” originally shot for Blumarine.

    1713 17
  • Friday 9 August 10:39 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Whitney Houston, New York City, 1993,” an outtake from a cover shoot for Rolling Stone magazine. Albert had also photographed Whitney years earlier when she worked as a fashion model before her singing career. Whitney would have been 56 today!

    1197 41
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  • Thursday 8 August 06:40 PM

    Albert Watson original Polaroid “Man in Wheel, New York City, 1996.”

    1669 26
  • Thursday 8 August 05:45 PM

    Albert Watson photograph “Joan Chen, New York City, 1990,” originally shot for Vogue (U.S.) Albert took this photo not long after the release of the Bertolucci film “The Last Emperor,” in which Joan starred.

    1121 11
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