• Saturday 17 August 04:20 PM

    ¡Te amo, México! 🇲🇽 Many of you you may not know... soy medio Mexicana! Mis abuelos y mí mama son Mexicanos. ❤️💚 (Pardon my Spanish if it’s incorrect!) I’ve always loved a lot of things about my Mexican side, but this last year I’ve found myself really wanting to learn more about this country from which I came. I’ve had this burning desire to learn Spanish, travel to Mexico, and know more about my family’s history as well as the country’s. For a long time I think I was resentful of a lot of the drama on that side of my family, which made me not embrace my heritage as much. I’ve been working on understanding why a lot of those things happened. I’m not saying they were okay...the hush-hush attitude and discounting of mental health issues are NEVER okay...but I do have some more empathy and sympathy towards some of those situations. My mom and her siblings were treated very very poorly growing up for being Mexican and speaking Spanish. My mom didn’t teach Spanish fully to my brother and me because she didn’t want us to be bullied by kids and teachers like she was when she was young. I know enough to get by, but I can’t wait to learn more. It’s been soooooo so great to be surrounded by wonderful people who take the time to have a conversation with me in broken Spanish and who don’t mind my asking for help with translations. Wow..I didn’t think that was going to be an emotional post but here I am really feeling the feels as I type this up while I’m working on set here. 😶😂 I’m super excited to explore more of Mexico City’s beauty! ❤️💚 BRA: @knickerocker DRESS: @dollskill SHOES: @crocs

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  • Thursday 15 August 03:46 PM

    This was one of those days when the hair came out glam, I got my eyeliner wings even 🙌🏻, AND I felt good! 😃 I also got brave and tried a new makeup product right before a shoot (which can really backfire) and ended up loving it! (Coincidentally I was modeling for @rebelloveclothing who also made this dress that I wear all the time. Like literally days in a row sometimes. Lol) The @beccacosmetics Hydra-Mist is a WET powder, I know...technologies blows my mind...that still mattifies and perfects skin. I remember having a similar powder at MAC when I worked there, but I don’t think it blurred imperfections nearly as good as this one. Plus the refreshing feel of a cool powder is pretty rad during the summer heat! BROWS: @itcosmetics EYELINER: @toofaced Better Than Sex pen HAIR COLOR: @arcticfoxhaircolor Virgin Pink diluted HAIR EXTENSIONS: @beausef DRESS: @rebelloveclothing

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  • Monday 29 July 06:47 PM

    Walking into this week like... 😎 I have a pretty nutso couple weeks of travel and was kind of wigging out, but as usual, @mrjdscott reassured me and got feeling real fly abut things. 💁🏼‍♀️ This shot was taken at two of our dear friends’, @ismo220 and @rexcable ’s wedding in May. It was the last time we traveled together and JD had a tough time feeling well with his health. Mid-August brings on our next trip together and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that his health has improved enough to allow him to fully enjoy this upcoming trip. When my boo is happy, I’m happy. ☺️ SUITS: @opposuits

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  • Thursday 25 July 07:46 PM

    IT’S THAT TIME of the month. Actually, it’s not. Period came early. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Not being on birth control anymore is quite the gamble. 😂 Kind of like posing for this photo @haleyoberhausen took of me. I fell off the mushroom I was trying to pose on at @thewonderworldla 😂 Anywho..little story time... I’ve been trying to think of a way to clean house in regards to certain followers here. When I started using social media it was to have a tool to network and showcase my work as a model. I wasn’t as focused on makeup at that time and I certainly hadn’t come into the frame of mind where I was ready to talk about heavier things and try to help others. As I’ve grown into the woman I am now, I care deeply about connecting with all of you here and with others who come across my accounts. For the most part, I receive tons and tons of positive messages and comments. But every now and then, someone who started following me only for my appearance will leave a comment or send a message that irritates the heck out of me because they are only here for “sexy” photos. Most people who started following me for that content are really rad and still follow me and are very supportive. But not all people think on a higher level and I’d like for those who are not concerned with thinking deeper, connecting, or supporting others to not be trolling around this account. So I’m talking about my period. And I’ll continue doing so when I feel like it. 🤣👊🏻💁🏼‍♀️ PHOTO: @haleyoberhausen OUTFIT: @uniquevintage SHOES: @stevemadden - gift from the lovely @sharie_robinson 💗

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  • Tuesday 23 July 09:24 PM

    OIL: @elemis Superfood Facial Oil EYESHADOW/HIGHLIGHT: @butterlondon Natural Goddess palette EYELINER, BROWS, LIPLINER: @appealcosmetics gel liner in “desert taupe” LIPGLOSS: @alamarcosmetics “Sirenita” FOUNDATION: @yensabeauty BC Foundation CONCEALER: @toofaced Born This Way multi-use BLUSH: @lauragellerbeauty Tropic Hues MASCARA: @toofaced Damn Girl SETTING SPRAY: @elemis Superfood Kefir-Tea Mist

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  • Thursday 18 July 10:21 PM

    Soooo... @beausef saved me last week. I mean, I could say he saved my hair, but the confidence I’ve had the last week proves he rescued more than just my hair. 💗 As many of you know, I had a very Unpleasant experience last summer and being a hair model for #trilliontones at a hair show. My hairline was damaged immediately and then my ends became brittle and started breaking off within the first week after the hair show. I’ve had my hair damaged before, but this was something I’ve never experienced. I kept up with Olaplex and B3 treatments at @bombshell_vegas as well as getting trims and only heat styling about 2-4 times per month. I had no idea how bad my hair had gotten until about six weeks ago when I went for an appointment with @nick.hairwizard and he had to break the news to me. He has been doing my hair since last year and has done all he can to help the damage, but some things just can’t be undone. I was planning to have extensions for our wedding, but had no intentions of getting them this far out. Once I saw how terrible my hair really looked, I knew it was time to set up an appointment with @beausef He has been doing my friend’s @haleyoberhausen hair and I have been so impressed with his color and extension work every time she goes to him. She really talked him up and assured me he was great and wasn’t one of those IG-famous stylists who filters the hell out of his work. Once I met him, I was immediately comfortable and BLOWN AWAY by how quick he works while still being hella thorough. He used @thehairshopinc Smart Tabs tape-in extensions and we colored them using diluted @arcticfoxhaircolor in Virgin Pink. I feel like a new lady this week and I’m so so grateful to @beausef ! 💗💗💗💗💗

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  • Wednesday 17 July 02:31 PM

    Pretty damn excited about this forever thing with you, @mrjdscott ☺️

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  • Tuesday 16 July 10:52 PM

    Be who you needed when you were younger. 💗 I read that once and it sure hit home. As a teen, I went through so many changes with family, faith, life goals, sexuality, boyfriends, and friends. I never felt like I had a real role model and because I lived in little ol’ Amarillo, I felt like I was trapped in this little bubble of life I had experienced. There was no one relatable who had gotten out of town and actually done something I thought was cool. I think in a lot of ways, I kept myself small because I couldn’t visualize myself achieving all I wanted to do. As time went by, I learned to take opportunities and got myself out of town...a lot. Traveling helped me learn so much about myself and the world and how to care for myself and others. The thing I want the most in this life is to help people. And I sure hope I can help some young people by showing them that absolutely anything is possible. The world is big, and scary, and challenging, and really really hurts us sometimes. But if we can find inspiration and hope in each other, we can do anything. 💗⭐️ 👗 @uniquevintage 📸 @haleyoberhausen 📍 @thewonderworldla

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  • Sunday 14 July 11:04 PM

    Hello from your friendly neighborhood unicorn! And extra hello to all the new friends here! Welcome! 😃🤗 The @urbandecaycosmetics #sparkleoutloud collection has my unicorn self really loving life. 🦄💗✨ Especially in this @knickerocker top. 😍 I’ve been really impressed with how well this glitter stays and doesn’t fall out all over the place. (Lips are @buxomcosmetics , but I can remember what colors. 😂) Hair color is diluted Virgin Pink from @arcticfoxhaircolor

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  • Wednesday 10 July 04:34 PM

    TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! You can watch our house get renovated on the newest episode of Forever Home on @hgtv at 9/8c! Ya know...there was a reason we never showed a lot of our house and now you can see why. 😂 Being on the road so much made renovating our home less of a priority, then we had to renovate our office, then JD got sick, and it was not something we thought we’d be able to do for quite some time. This opportunity coming along really has been such a blessing and we are so grateful to @mrdrewscott , @mrsilverscott , and the entire team of people who worked on our home from the designers, the construction crew, the network, and the production team. Everyone was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see this all cut together! 😃😃😃 @mrjdscott and I both will be live tweeting during the episode, so if you wanna join in that fun, follow us on Twitter! SKIRT: @uniquevintage

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  • Monday 8 July 02:18 PM

    This last year both @mrjdscott and I have been posting different/less content than usual and this video will explain why. It's been a year of testing, both physically and emotionally. A video can explain a lot, but we can't quite put into words just how frustrating and scary this has been at times. We truly appreciate all of your support always. <3

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  • Tuesday 2 July 07:40 PM

    Feelin’ fine this Tuesday afternoon! Started the day with some @thefitnessmarshall dancing, getting a blowout at @bombshell_vegas , and looking forward to eating [email protected] fresh veggies from @sharie_robinson ’s garden. 😍 I gotta say, since I’ve been drinking more water and taking my supplements every day I am definitely feeling better. Crazy how much of a difference that stuff actually makes. 🙃 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions OUTFIT: @pinupgirlclothing SHOES: @yru @yrushoes x @dollskill

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  • Monday 1 July 05:37 PM

    Who loves horses as much as I do?! 😍🐴❤️🐴 I’m so happy that our friends @gladiustheshow will finally have a performance IN VEGAS July 21! 🎉 It’s only one day, so make sure you get your tickets meow. It’s a wonderful show for absolutely anyone, kiddos and adults alike. 🙌🏻 I hope I get to see a bunch of you there. 😃 PHOTO: @mgw_photography HORSE/LOCATION: courtesy of @lisagladius and @erik1gladius LINGERIE: @saccharineromance

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  • Saturday 29 June 09:33 PM

    Sometimes I’m a unicorn. Sometimes I give love pokes to @mrjdscott 🦄🙃💗 Today we haz some #wedding planning to do and I’m esssited!!! 💒 Outfit: @knickerocker Photo: @gabeginsberg

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  • Thursday 27 June 12:25 AM

    Smiling for the day woman who helped me at the laundromat today. ☺️ Every day we have the choice on how we interact with others. I could have been really short and snippy with employees there (and had reason since they had Fox News turned up so loud I couldn’t hear any other TVs) but I chose to be kind. She checked on me a couple times and I made sure to smile and say thank you. As I was leaving, she helped me carry out all 3 laundry baskets. 😭💗 I’ve been to this laundromat before and they’re always nice, but she really did extra. ☺️ As much as it’s a pain in the ass to have a broken BRAND NEW washer, I’m grateful to people like her who help make the day less mundane. Anybody else have any nice experiences today? Or this week? ❤️ PHOTO: @kristofflutchman with his HOMEMADE ring light! HAIR COLOR: @arcticfoxhaircolor in Virgin Pink applied by @nick.hairwizard

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  • Wednesday 19 June 08:51 PM

    Words can’t really describe what it was like to see @ladygaga live last week. Never have I gone to a show that hit me in such a spiritual level, let alone made me cry! There was no way I wasn’t going to wear something rainbow to go see her either. And doubly so since it was during #pride month. 🌈 I wouldn’t have necessarily described myself as a mega Gaga fan, but I have always loved her outrageous fashion choices, her music, and most of all, her message of love and acceptance. It was amazing to be in such a giant room where so much love could be felt and everyone was free to be themselves. Everyone there was so happy and friendly. I’m pretty sure we made friends with everyone around us. I mean, @_themakeupdoll and I were literally sobbing and at one point, had our arms around the two guys behind us as well while we all sang and cried. I’ve never felt so connected to others around me. ❤️ It’s easy to get on board with love and support for the LGBTQ community during June, but let’s make sure we support hardcore ALL🌈YEAR🌈LONG. We love who we love and I’ll be damned if I don’t fight for everyone to have the same rights! BODYSUIT: @fablesbybarrie

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  • Tuesday 18 June 07:56 PM

    ANXIETY. (Scroll to the last pic and to the comments if you just want makeup deets!) THIS is what anxiety looks like. Taking 3.5 hours to get ready. Wanting to stay home instead of going out to be social. Feeling like there’s no way I’m going to get everything done. Thinking I’m messing everything up because I have this almost overwhelming thought and feeling pattern that tells me I’m not doing good enough...that I’m just not enough in general. So then I kind of panic and start freaking out about all the things I should do that might make me good enough. I can never do enough to make those feelings go away. Even when I’m “caught up” those stupid feelings are still there. I don’t even know how they come out sometimes. Some months are great, then some aren’t. And sometimes it’s weeks’ anxiety instead of months, which is a nice break. @microartistry_amandataylor sent me a video yesterday that helped A LOT. The girl in the video talked about anxiety being a friend with benefits - no love for each other but she still f*cks with me. 😂 SOOOOO TRUE! I have to say, I never had any anxiety until about 3 years ago. I know what caused a lot of it but I don’t always know what triggers it now. I’m gonna look for a counselor here because eff feeling like this! (Feel free to recommend someone in Vegas if you know a good one.) It’s so important that we all find what works for us to feel better mentally as well as physically. Being in nature, yoga, meditation, eating better, starting/stopping medication, having “you” time are all great ways to cope. All have worked for me in the past, but none are what I need now so I’m gonna take that therapy route. It’s all about being dedicated to finding the solutions. I’m so happy to see so many people taking about mental health more. And I’m going to do my best to be open about mine with all of you so we can all know we aren’t alone. And remind those who don’t deal with the mental health struggle bus that A LOT of us do. 💗 I love you all and I hope you have a stress-free, awesome Tuesday! Shirt is @uniquevintage

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  • Monday 17 June 03:35 AM

    Happy Father’s Day to the best dad I could have. 🤗 The woman I am today could never have come into existence without your guidance. From the time I was a tiny girl, I remember always being so excited for you to come home from the fire station and tell us about the calls you had. Anytime we had our little dates, I just felt like the most special girl in the world, and honestly, I still do when I get time with you. You were the first person I ever told about my depression as a teen and you helped me feel so normal. Instead of forcing me into any sort of therapy, you let me be the one to tell you I needed it and you let me stop going once it wasn’t needed any longer. You’ve always trusted me and because of that, I held myself to a higher standard. And for all the crazy things I’ve done in life, you never once judged me. You’ve always met me with love and compassion and this heavenly sense of understanding. If ever there were a God, he certainly must have you at the top of his favorites list because you are a shining of example of what it means to be a wonderful human, and because your faith is important to you, a wonderful Christian. If the entire world could know your kindness, we would be a better people. I love you so much, Dad! More than I could ever tell you in words. Thank you for absolutely everything.❤️

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  • Friday 14 June 08:54 PM

    5 friends who met here on @instagram - @shayesanjuan @_themakeupdoll @aliciadangelo @haleyoberhausen - decided to have our first in-person meet up here in Vegas and our week was uhhhmazing!!! We all are still drooling over this sushi we had at @jjangalv (swipe for mouth-watering pics!) and pretty sure @haleyoberhausen is obsessed with the grapefruit sake we had there. 🤤 Thank you so much @thatchongster and @jmpforce for a DELISH dinner!! Aside from eating...A LOT, we went so see some shows, bonded over our love for emo music 😍, partied real hard in our Ubers, and got scammed like tourists by Vegas promoters. 😂😂😂 The interwebs can be a real dark, craptastic place at times, but it can also be a really rad place to bring people together with common interests. I can’t wait to see these girls again!! But next time @alina_roche HAS TO BE THERE. 🎉 #ıssafriendtrip 💗 #womensupportingwomen #girlpower

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  • Tuesday 11 June 05:46 PM

    Over the years, I have met some truly outstanding people, but meeting @rupaulofficial was on another level. 🤩 To say he is and has been an inspiration is an understatement. (Though that was the best I could say in person because his presence is just...so wonderful.) RuPaul is a leader, a role model, a mover and shaker, and a world changer. The way I see drag being accepted now (thanks to all who do it! but extra thanks to @rupaulsdragrace ) makes my heart so so happy. It’s a beautiful thing to see people be creative and express themselves and I can’t wait to see more people get comfortable with living authentically and playfully. You guys should all go watch his first episode with @mrdrewscott , @mrsilverscott and @j_corden ! I’ve put the link in my stories and bio as well to make it easier. This talk show is something I would really love to see so well, so make sure you share it around if you’re into this awesome idea of spreading love. 😍 https://youtu.be/boKoOmsP-2U MY OUTFIT: @l.o.m_fashion set with @pinupgirlclothing bolero

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  • Sunday 9 June 10:50 PM

    I mean, when the car AC is blowing just right on your fresh color, you gotta take selfies. (Not while driving though! Because that’s rude and careless. 😉) POST IS 100% UNEDITED. HAIR COLOR: @arcticfoxhaircolor Virgin Pink diluted at the roots and diluted even more for the ends. COLORIST: @nick.hairwizard81 at @bombshell_vegas FOUNDATION: @yensabeauty BC Foundation CONCEALER: @toofaced Born This Way full coverage SETTING POWDER: @pretty_vulgar The Powder Room LIPS: @toofaced Peach Puff in “Straight Fire” EYES: @toofaced Natural Lust palette MASCARA: @thebalm Mad Lash

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  • Saturday 8 June 02:54 AM

    I hear it’s #nationaldoughnutday ! 🍩🎉💗While I’m not partaking in the doughnut consumption, I am still here appreciating their beauty and goodness. And yes, even the simplest looking of doughnuts, plain glazed, is beautiful. ☺️🍩 PHOTO: @mgw_photography LOCATION/HAIR STYLING: @bombshell_vegas LINGERIE: @secretsinlace SHOES: @ellie_shoes NECKLACE: @macarons_and_stilettos With doughnuts from @donutbarlv !

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  • Friday 7 June 08:33 PM

    The acting headshots I’ve never had. 📸 Little known fact, I actually wanted to be an actress. Still do really. I was in theater from elementary to high school and the only reason I didn’t pursue it after graduating was because I was way too pragmatic (sometimes still am 🙈) and I didn’t want to ride the struggle bus. I knew if I went to NYC to pursue Broadway or LA to pursue film or hosting, it was gonna be hard with all the competition, having a completely different environment than ol’ Amarillo, TX, and finding time to rehearse plus manage the several jobs I would have to have for the much higher cost of living. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe I could do it - I knew deep down I could. But I let some of those doubts speak too loudly. The path I chose has been so much different that what I wanted, but hot damn it’s been so much better than I could have imagined! I don’t regret not pursuing a passion because where I am now is truly wonderful. And I do believe that the platform I’ve built for myself now could lead to acting and hosting opportunities later. 💗 We all do things ( or don’t do) that we can regret, but I think it’s important to find the purpose/learn from anything that could be regrettable. In all honesty, the ONLY things I regret in life are when I didn’t treat people nicely. But even that taught me how to not be an a-hole. 😂 PHOTO: @kristofflutchman HAIR COLOR: @arcticfoxhaircolor LIPGLOSS: @buxomcosmetics (can’t remember the color! I just love their stuff so much I always reach for it!)

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