• Wednesday 9 October 03:42 PM

    My new LA office. I just released a new film. I think it’s my favourite one I’ve made. Let me know if you watched it below.

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  • Monday 30 September 04:07 PM

    Surfed a wave through a pier and it was awesome. Photo by the multi talented @goldfishlive

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  • Friday 27 September 03:46 PM

    Taking a moment to pause in Japan. Long exposure shot on film.

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  • Thursday 19 September 10:43 PM

    The crime scene. My drives from The not Иormal show laid out on my desk in LA. 134 TB worth of memories.

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  • Friday 13 September 05:21 PM

    The time has come to make a big movie.

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  • Sunday 8 September 02:23 PM

    Spot the difference. Comment 🐫 when you do. I have been in the scorching heat making a video in the desert for the past week. Onto LA this Tuesday. New video soon I promise - Miss you, bru. Pic by my desert homie @taunvisser

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  • Friday 30 August 03:29 PM

    Peace out NEW YAWK! Thank you for being awesome. A few more stops around the globe and then I am moving to LA long term. That being said, NYC, I’ll definitely be back, lots!

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  • Tuesday 27 August 03:40 PM

    Our daily commute through this city is a great metaphor for our relationship: fucking rad.

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  • Sunday 25 August 03:58 PM

    Yesterday, myself and a handful of true hero’s flew into San Fransisco to confront a bully. Not your normal playground bully, this one bullies the earth and the people that try change it. I have become super invested in this film that will showcase the actual damage @gapinc and @oldnavy have created over the last 50 years by getting away with single use plastics. With *no spoilers of what went down - let’s just say that next weeks Film is gonna be goodie. Thank you for all the support on last weeks. Love you bru.

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  • Wednesday 21 August 08:02 PM

    Help us by sharing this to your story and don't forget to tag @gapinc and @oldnavy , or get tagging them in the comments below. This week’s seed is important, because together we can make a difference. @oldnavy , a subsidiary of @gapinc has thrown away millions of plastic hangers year after year and its high time they stop. It’s their 50th birthday and for it we’re headed to their HQ in San Francisco this friday to make some noise and get an audience with Art Peck, their CEO, so that he does something about it once and for all. Join us there! 2pm on Friday. AND - help spread the word. Lets get this done!

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  • Tuesday 20 August 02:26 PM

    A week ago I saw a video made by these two young kids about how an @oldnavy store owned by @gap throw out thousands of plastic hangers on a slow week. Straight to landfill. Over their 1000 stores thats potentially millions of hangers every week. So - I brought them out to New York to start brainstorming a campaign. Tomorrow is Gaps 50th birthday and oh boy - do we have a gift planned for the special day. 🖕🏼 It’s time big corporates like this (that have the ability to affect major change!!) are held accountable. I found the hanger in this photo on the bank of the east river.

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  • Sunday 18 August 04:02 PM

    Traveling is ten times better witchu 😘

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