• Friday 12 July 12:00 PM

    Look at us, celebrating Fry-day this Saturday! Get an Ultimate Steakburger with unlimited fries at IHOP. Starting at $6.99. #nationalfryday

    2015 170
  • Wednesday 10 July 12:00 PM

    Sign up for MyHop and get free pancakes. And with the money you save, you can buy candles that say “free pancakes.” That’s economics, baby! Sign up at IHOP.com

    11856 336
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  • Thursday 4 July 01:00 PM

    This 4th of July, enjoy these unlimited Fry-erworks and unlimited fries at IHOP! They come with any Ultimate Steakburger starting at $6.99.

    1828 30
  • Wednesday 26 June 12:00 PM

    You have 2 choices: watch this video of us making a new house-made milkshake with premium ice cream, OR just come in and order one. Oh, or you could do both. So that’s 3 choices.

    3824 80
  • Friday 21 June 12:23 PM

    The Loaded Philly Pancake is smothered in melted white cheddar and cheddar cheese sauce. It’s so much cheese you’ll say, “Cheese Louise, that’s a lot of cheese.” Then Louise will say, “Who are you?”

    1709 64
  • Monday 17 June 12:53 PM

    ‪Introducing the new Garlic Butter Pancake. You’re going to want to gar-lick your fingers after this.‬

    1470 61
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  • Thursday 13 June 11:51 AM

    We use all-natural beef for our pancakes. Are you imPRESSed?

    2933 141
  • Wednesday 12 June 01:14 PM

    Say "Hi" to Mr. Pancake! Then say "Hi" to our new, all-natural, Black Angus beef pancakes.

    2133 113
  • Monday 10 June 12:01 PM

    Did you tweet mean things about IHOb last year? You might be on the Bancake List. Check the link in our bio to learn how you can tweet something nice to eat something nice.

    1568 40
  • Sunday 9 June 01:24 PM

    And the award for best pancake in a pancake role is…

    1247 23
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  • Friday 7 June 12:12 PM

    We heard you about sticking to pancakes. And now we heard you about sticking pancakes in our pancakes. Feast your eyes on The Big IHOP.

    2112 77
  • Thursday 6 June 12:08 PM

    Repeat after us, “Pancakes.”

    1437 83
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