• Monday 16 September 04:22 PM

    Ya Ya i know...I’m posting 2 selfies back to back but I’m V obsessed with my accessory situation so i had to share ✨ • Earnings @mejuri @urbanoutfitters Necklaces @luvaj • What’s your fav piece of jewelry you HAVE to wear every day?!? • #ootd #necklace #earings #rings #accessories #tyedie

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  • Sunday 15 September 07:36 PM

    I didn’t choose the bucket hat life... the bucket hat life chose me 🤷🏻‍♀️ • • #fashion #ootd #style #fashionblogger #streetstyle #stylish #styleınspo #wıwt #fashionweek #fashionstyle #styleblog #90sfashion

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  • Friday 13 September 05:49 PM

    Shinning bright like a star ✨ @starskinbeauty • • #sponsored #giveaway #skincare #beauty #potd #friday #cute

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  • Thursday 12 September 05:48 PM

    I’m ready to scare the 💩outta myself... • • Where are my goal getters at?!? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ • #mood #motivationalquotes #dreamer #big #chai #focus

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  • Wednesday 11 September 04:45 PM

    Friend: How are you? Me: Just Beachy 😜✨ • • Confession... I’ve always been afraid to go too deep into the ocean cause, well SHARKS! But the older I’m getting the more i wana do stuff that pushes & challenges me. So i decided I’m gonna take surf lessons! Cause we get one life so i wana do it ALL at least once lol! Who knows maybe I’ll be good cause I’ll be too terrified to fall in 😟🦈🤣 What’s something you’re scared of doing but would try?! • #fashion #ootd #style #beauty #beautybloggers #fashionblogger #revolve #stylish #cute #styleblogger #surf #beach

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  • Tuesday 10 September 03:33 AM

    Look at these beauties i had the pleasure of creating today 👀✨ • Days like today remind me of why i feel like my work” is my purpose. I met some beautiful ladies who each had a different story about their alopecia journey. I was reminded how important my job as an artist was for these women. Your face is such a unique beautiful thing imagine living without something that defines it, like your eyebrows. It’s something so small that we forget about & take for granted. I’m so grateful these ladies & all of my clients who choose me as their artist. To be apart of your journey on building confidence is such an amazing thing. I truly feel blessed & thank you all a million times for your love, support & who trust me with their faces. Ugh i just realized I’m never gonna retire 😂😂 ILYASM!!!!! • Head over to @jserracosmetics to see her before & after & hear her story! • Tag your friends who love brows as much as i do!!! #microblading #beauty #alopecia #microbladingeyebrows #brows #browsonfleek #pmu #jessieserra

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  • Monday 9 September 04:08 PM

    It’s currently 68° & cloudy sooooo sweater weather.. right?!? ☁️🍂 • • Who else takes advantage of these Cali “chilly” days? Set from @cheri_fit use code “jess10” for money off your orders!! #fashion #ootd #style #beauty #beautybloggers #fashionblogger #fitnessgear #stylish #cute #styleblogger #fitnessgirl

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  • Sunday 8 September 05:19 PM

    My idea of Sunday fun day is looking boujee in my robe while meal prepping, cleaning, doing laundry etc.… Now the real question, Is this acceptable to go out in public like this?!? Cause i have errands to run but this comfort is too hard to give up! Yes!? No?!? • • Double tap for #ootd deets 😜 • #momlife #ootd #pretty #jewlery #comfortzone #nyfw

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  • Saturday 7 September 05:28 PM

    Insert body here... • • The 2 week count down to Tulum has begun! I’m in serious need of a tropical vacation! If you’ve been tell me all the secrets. Where should we go eat, where should we explore?!? Tell me everything!!!! #tulum #tacos #tequila #vacation

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  • Friday 6 September 04:30 PM

    Not your average mom 👩🏻🐆 • • The greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people think 💭 I saw this somewhere and it really resonated with me. I’ve been trying so hard to always just live in my own happiness and not care what people think, the looks I get or what people say behind my back. The truth is sometimes it hurts & sometimes I get sensitive to it but I always need to remind myself that other peoples opinions of me don’t matter. I bring this up with this photo because as I was taking this photo at first I was so embarrassed because there were so many people at the beach. I was with one of my best friends who has help me become more confident in who I am and told me F it do it lol So I literally snapped out of it, did not care, got sand everywhere, we had fun & got great content. That moment really helped me to get over it & truly give no F’s what people may think. Once you let go of that fear it’s such an amazing feeling, it’s indescribable! 📸✨ @rocksea • What’s something you’ve wanted to do but have been holding back on because of what people might say or think?! • #swim #🐆 #beach #happiness #lifestyle #ootd #tattoo #shades

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  • Thursday 5 September 07:18 PM

    Hot broke AC kinda summer 🥵 ... is that a song?!? • • Double tap for outfit deets🤘🏻 • Ok but for real who likes this heat & who’s ready for some chilly sweater weather already?!? #ootd #graphictees #animalprint #adidasultraboost #hotgirlsummer

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  • Wednesday 4 September 04:43 PM

    ... I’m a big believer in embracing whatever your kid wants to do. If they want to hunt for bugs let them. If they want unicorn hair you do unicorn hair. Letting your kid be unique, individual and supporting them is the best thing you could do for your child in my opinion. So I always want to support J & as you can see in the video she’s so unbelievably happy!! I can’t stop watching this video it makes me so happy! We use @limecrimemakeup unicorn hair tint color in peony & bubblegum for her hair. It’s vegan, cruelty free, diy friendly & with a damage free formula. Jordan’s hair is more of a dark blonde so the tent didn’t look as vibrant as It would be for somebody with lighter hair but the tent is still so beautiful and she loves it. @hudabeauty • Who’s had crazy hair as a kid?!?

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