• Wednesday 7 August 11:07 AM

    💎😉😉😉 Arguably the funniest person I know. Just can’t post your jokes. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @bukkymajek Shine On my love.

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  • Monday 29 July 07:04 PM

    Quite enjoyed today. Lessons learnt, growth achieved, but most of all, clarity found. Getting ready for my day, knowing the enormity of what laid ahead, I sought deep to find a bit of calm and I heard ‘The Problem Is Not The Presence Of Fear, But The Absence Of Courage’. Thank You Jesus. At that point, the battle was over. Victory was certain. I’m not Strong, I’m not Confident, I’m not brave, I’m not daring. I just have Jesus. And that’s more than enough. #bornwinner

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  • Monday 29 July 10:30 AM

    Be Thou My Guardian And My Guide, And Hear Me When I Call. Let Not, My Slippery Footstep Slide, And Hold Me Lest I Fall.

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  • Saturday 27 July 11:47 AM

    We make things happen. And when they happen, something shifts in culture. #movement @davidtwtz Hey @bukkymajek 😍 Cc: @john_francis27 #familypic #anightınmexico #brandman

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  • Friday 26 July 08:53 AM

    Margaritas and a Tostada 😍. #anightınmexico #moistbeachclub #brandman

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  • Thursday 25 July 09:06 AM

    Always Emotional posting about @soul_chow Those who have hung out with me cooking will tell you I take it extremely seriously, even when it’s as plug and play as boiling an egg. Thanks for all the support, in various ways. My Insta-fam done came through! #itssoulchowbaby DM us 😁

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  • Thursday 18 July 09:57 AM

    Hey! So my baby, @soul_chow launched a few new products earlier this week. They will be available for purchase from Monday. Please visit our page and follow us. We have some really exciting stuff coming up. Thanks for the support so far. Please tell a friend to tell a friend as well, that we should all follow the page. Thanks so much! #itssoulchowbaby

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  • Wednesday 17 July 07:03 PM

    Tayo At 120 Years. Still a sweet stuff... 🤣

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  • Sunday 14 July 12:51 PM

    Read carefully: ‘I’m doing sexy eyes’. 🤣🤣🤣 @bukkymajek you tolerate a lot! 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  • Thursday 11 July 01:19 PM

    In all situations, Praise The Lord... Jeezayyyyy! Cc: @iamjoeyjohnson @doyinodutee

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  • Monday 24 June 10:53 AM

    Everyday it gets realer. Wouldn’t walk this road with anyone else. You are the best partner ever. To tolerate me, you are the strongest woman ever. My beautiful, smart, sexy, hot, funny, spontaneous, loving and patient Madame. @bukkymajek Thank You. I love you!!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘 #aboutamonthago

    227 12
  • Thursday 20 June 08:49 AM

    Where it all started like a big joke. Hey rider! Please, what are you looking at in picture 2? Kindly slide in my DM and explain @bukkymajek 😉😉😉

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  • Monday 17 June 11:11 AM

    As promised, @soul_chow dropped 9 new products this morning. #ilovethisgame #icookforfun 1. Lamb - Minty Spice. 2. Lamb - African BBQ. 3. Lamb - Sweet & Tangy. 4. Pork - African BBQ. 5. Pork - Sweet & Tangy. 6. Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs - BBQ. 7. Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs - Chinko. 8. Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs- Honey Glazed. 9. Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs - New Delhi. We love you already guys! Settle in and let’s allow people bite you. 😁😁😁

    238 17
  • Thursday 13 June 01:52 PM

    This here is my testimony. God gave me a product, but I was busy looking for a brand. I had many good ideas, but I only wanted to go to market when I had all the pieces in the pot. The story will still be told. Very funny story involving @bukkymajek some of my best friends and @ekbenswaaaag 🤣🤣🤣 This is a new thing I am doing now, and I am damn proud of it (like I am with everything I am passionate about). I ran into it and it’s fun not overthinking. I’m excited, and hope you all share in my excitement. Please follow @soul_chow I’m still laughing at the fact that the business doesn’t have a name yet! 🤣🤣🤣 One will come. I’m happy I am sharing this journey with you all. God bless.

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  • Wednesday 12 June 05:36 PM

    I’m so excited to present to the world and all in it, My stumble into the food world. If you know me, you know what part food plays in my life. So here is my sharing of that with you through chicken wings. They are available for order, and are marinated properly. You just pop in the oven or on the grill and VOILA!!! PLEASE FOLLOW @soul_chow 😁😁😁😁 We don’t even have a name yet, but the chicken has identity. I can’t contain my excitement. FINALLY. You asked, I yearned and now we are here. #chinko #honeyglazed #bbq #newdelhi TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

    394 81
  • Monday 10 June 10:39 AM

    What’s most intriguing about life is how it has these many curve balls it throws. They could be seen as life being harsh, but it’s more worthy to see them as life just being life. Through the multiple ways life has dealt cards, God has remained faithful and helped me maintain a certain focus, even when distracted. Do I have all I desire? No. Do I have more than I require? In abundance. So somewhere in the middle of all that is endless thanksgiving, which doesn’t stifle ambition. It’s been a great year so far. Looking forward to the next few. ‘Greatness is never bestowed on anyone. At best, you get an opportunity to prove capacity, and at that singular point, you must undeniably Kill It.’ - Temitayo Eyitayo It’s about to be a great few months. #letsgetthis #wemove

    174 4
  • Saturday 8 June 02:34 PM

    How do I put this in words? #unconditional

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  • Friday 7 June 11:36 AM

    #2016 #fbf It’s a process.

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