• Monday 16 September 06:15 PM

    ok, story time: this picture was taken last year on the day i first met @pariscarney and @nickjonas , who happened to be having a nice convo as i walked behind them for several hours waiting for them to turn around. when they finally did, Nick instantly became one of my best friends. Then Paris married me on the spot. Life is crazy sometimes. Happy birthday @nickjonas !

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  • Tuesday 3 September 02:12 PM

    Happiness Begins Tour is back today in the Burgh!

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  • Sunday 1 September 03:49 PM

    came out of retirement for Lovebug last night w @johnlloydtaylor 😁 oh and...so did Big Rob!

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  • Tuesday 27 August 02:47 AM

    bringing home some silverware 👩‍🚀 #vmas2019

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  • Thursday 15 August 04:23 PM

    when u look me in the eyes @joejonas 😍 happy birthday!

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  • Sunday 28 July 08:52 PM

    my dudes. 📸 by @priyankachopra (a few weeks ago)

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  • Tuesday 23 July 05:24 PM

    can’t think of a more deserving group! @jonasbrothers @philymack @republicrecords

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  • Wednesday 10 July 07:35 PM

    happy birthday @pariscarney !! Your wisdom, grace, strength and light are not only an incredible gift to me, but to everyone who gets to be around you! Plus, you wear my Orlando Magic shirt from 5th grade better than I ever did.

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  • Friday 5 July 05:32 PM

    thank you @joejonas & @sophiet for being an incredible exemplification of selfless love to everyone in your life. simply put - you both make each other stronger and bring joy to every room you’re in. i’m grateful we got to celebrate your love this past weekend and so excited for your new life together! it only keeps getting better!

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  • Wednesday 3 July 10:51 PM

    back to paris. photos by paris.

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  • Tuesday 2 July 09:12 PM

    in the south of french 🇫🇷🥐

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  • Tuesday 25 June 03:39 PM

    i hacked the oppressively hot Parisian weather. ps always make sure your AirBnB has AC before u book 🤦🏻‍♂️

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