• Tuesday 15 October 07:01 PM

    🎶 Shining, shimmering, splendid! ✨ @solatice_ created this masterpiece with our CandyCrush, Kim Chi, Velocity and Buttercupcake Pressed Eyeshadows 🎨 Head over to tinyurl.com/SPbuttercupcake to sign up for an email restock notification! 💛 #sugarpill Yasmin also used our discontinued shades, Dollipop and 2AM 😭 We are always working on fun new goodies, so be sure to sign up for our email newsletter on our website to stay on top of all things Sugarpill! 💖

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  • Tuesday 15 October 04:01 PM

    Any MHA fans out there? 🙋🙋‍♂️ This Todoroki genderbend by @gothpixi took our breath away, so we had to share! 🔥❄️ She used our Love+ and Bulletproof Pressed Eyeshadows to help her achieve this look! ❤️ #sugarpill

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  • Monday 14 October 10:00 PM

    Create the Pro Palette of your dreams! 🎨 Completely customizable and easy to rearrange! 🤩 These eyeshadows and more are available right now at Sugarpill.com 💕 🌊 Top L-R: Tako, Arsenic, Mochi, Kim Chi, Hypnotic, Velocity 🎀 Bottom L-R: Velouria, Tokyo, Love+, Flamepoint, Suburbia, Wink #sugarpill #sugarpillpro

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  • Monday 14 October 07:00 PM

    Need a silver eyeshadow that's out of this world? ✨ Pick up our Silverlake Loose Eyeshadow! 🤗 @aaronsmakeup used Silverlake in this look along with @litcosmetics Disco Dots 🕺 #sugarpill #vegan

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  • Monday 14 October 04:02 PM

    Pika Pika 💀 @ultraviolentmakeup used our Bulletproof and Suburbia Pressed Eyeshadows for this Pikachu transformation! 💛 He's also wearing our Supreme and Halo eyelashes! Halo was cut up to be used as bottom lashes 😉 #sugarpill #vegan

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  • Sunday 13 October 10:00 PM

    We've seen some of you cuties apply our Brick Toast Loose Eyeshadow over your fave lipstick! 😱 We loved it so much that we decided to try it out with some of our liquid lips! ✨ Apply your liquid lip, let it dry, then lightly press your desired loose eyeshadow on with your finger! 💋 #sugarpill #vegan

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  • Sunday 13 October 07:01 PM

    Halloween is approaching! 🖤 @i.am.the.rabbit sure is ready 🎃 She used our Flamepoint Pressed Eyeshadow for this spooky look! #sugarpill

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  • Sunday 13 October 04:00 PM

    If you were at DragCon LA this year, you probably met our booth babe @marieldolce 💚 She is a super talented artist and probably the sweetest girl you'll ever meet! 😭 She used our Flamepoint, Love+ and Buttercupcake Eyeshadows in this look! Lines were done with @suvabeauty Space Panda, Cherry Bomb, and Grease 💀 Head over to tinyurl.com/SPbuttercupcake to sign up for an email restock notification! 💛 #sugarpill

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  • Saturday 12 October 10:00 PM

    Romantic fall feels! 😍 The eyeshadows in this Pro Palette Mini are must-haves 💕 Top L-R: Tako, The Inventor, Bulletproof Bottom L-R: Kitten Parade*, S.W.A.K.*, Text Me *Try using these shades as blush! ✨ #sugarpill #sugarpillpro

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  • Saturday 12 October 07:01 PM

    💋 @alexmarieartistry applied our Brick Toast Loose Eyeshadow over @katvondbeauty 's Plath Lipstick for this stellar metallic lip! ✨ Have you tried applying our loose eyeshadows over your lipsticks? #sugarpill #vegan

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  • Saturday 12 October 04:00 PM

    Obsessed with this sultry glam by @gioscraft ❤️ He used our Love+ Pressed Eyeshadow and Asylum Loose Eyeshadow on his eyes! 😍 His look was inspired by @pennold ✨ P.S. Cuties - always spread love and kindness! Men can wear makeup too! 🤗 #sugarpill

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  • Friday 11 October 10:01 PM

    You can't go wrong with our Ghosted, Lumi and Silverlake Loose Eyeshadows! ✨ Ghosted and Lumi can be used as an all over highlight and Silverlake has beautiful rainbow sparkles that'll look great with any eyeshadows! 💕 #sugarpill #vegan

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